Uber or Cab in YYC

I was looking forward to my very first Uber ride! It was supposed to be free as well. How? I bought a SIM card and data plan using Roam Mobility and when I received their confirmation email there at the bottom was a free promo code for free first Uber Ride. I signed up for UBER few weeks ago and under settings you can add promo codes. I saw some Uber deals on Groupon as well.

It was 5AM his morning when I opened the app only to find no cars are available. The estimated cost was $34 from NW Calgary to the airport. I waited 10 min and still nothing. I called United Cabs instead since they advertise 20% price drop. To my surprise the price was $30 when in the past I would pay close to $50.Whaaaa cheaper than UBER? Yes ma`am (and gents). The cab driver told me that Uber services may pick up in the summer but right now it’s cold and there are not enough drivers. The also hike up their price at certain hours. 

I still hope to ride UBER free and will update the post to let you know if it worked.

(Roam Mobility is a Canadian Company used by international travellers around the world, their Travel SIM Card and plans make staying connected easy and affordable. They offer SIM cards for USA and travellers visiting Canada – Roam Mobility)

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