Volunteering while on vacation-Beach Cleanup 

A friend of mine is a frequent camper on Oahu, Hawaii and when I joined her last year she mentioned there maybe an opportunity to go and help clean up some beaches. What an amazing idea of giving back while you’re on vacation.Unfortunately, it didn’t work out but somehow I knew one day it will.

Hoping some day I would be going back to Hawaii, I started following Sustainable Coastlines on Facebook. SCH hosts large scale beach cleanups across Hawaii and runs educational programs focused on marine debris and plastic pollution, public awareness campaigns, waste diversion educational services, and corporate team building events. Through these efforts they hope to motivate volunteers and communities around Hawaii to look after the coastlines we all use and love. 


My dream came true on Saturday, January 21, 2017. SCH and Surfrider Foundation hosted a cleanup on Kauai and the very same beach my other friend and I were camping on last year. Anahola beach on the East shore. They had school buses, prize giveaways, treasure hunts, games, live music, and plastic free meals as well as a live concert with their very own musician Sashamon. He’s  well known in the community of Hawaiian surfers. If you like reggae and sounds of ukulele check him out. Sashamon or YouTube.

I left inspired and proud of our hard work volunteering and 200+ group removed 14,200 pounds of debris from Kauai’s coastline. This is such a beautiful place and to leave it much cleaner was truly special. 
My friend and I were even featured in their local paper The Garden Island

One response to “Volunteering while on vacation-Beach Cleanup 

  1. Hi Mira,
    I love your blog. This trip you wrote about is very inspiring. Your photos are great too. I especially loved this article and your volunteer spirit, and your petroglyphs article too. I look forward to seeing more from you on this blog soon! -Erin


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