Review of iRocker Sport 11″ iSUP

I’ve researched several brands and visited a couple of local stores in Calgary but couldn’t find anything decent under $1,000. My iSUP was bought online from a San Diego company called iRocker. They had a great deal on Cyber Monday in 2016. It included the kayak bundle and a very sturdy travel backpack with wheels. All this for $579 US. iRocker doesn’t ship to Canada so I had it shipped to Hawaii for free.

The 11’ iRocker Sport is a nice board for a very good price.  I love how portable it is, stable, fun to paddle and comes with everything you need to get on the water right away. No need of roof rack! Deflating and folding is very easy and quick.

The streamlined shape allows it to move through the water nicely and it takes little effort to paddle and get moving.

The 6” thickness provides good rigidity and stability. If you’re paddling on a calm ocean or lake with little winds you will stay dry. The board is high above the water.

Specs For The iRocker Sport 11’ iSUP

  • 11’ long
  • 30” wide
  • 6” thick
  • weighs 30 lbs.
  • can hold up to 385 lbs.

Material: Triple layer military grade drop stitch PVC

Where I paddle: Ocean bays: Kauai and Maui
Lakes in the Rocky Mountains: Whiteswan Lake, Barrier Lake, Windermere Lake

Pros: Glides nicely, easy to paddle, responsive and easy to maneuver, versatile, bungee tie downs up front for securing gear, 3 fins, very portable, 9 D-rings, center D-rings can be used to attach kayak seat. Tracks well in the water due to the popular 2+1 fin configuration. Weight limit is 385 lbs. Very good customer service. 2 years warranty!

Cons: The pump doesn’t inflate fast. It gets much harder for the last few pumps. My friend had a Starboard V8 dual action pump and was done inflating hers in almost half the time. The foot support is not wide enough makes the pump unstable. Kayak paddle will not extend and is too short for anyone over 5’5″. The valve could be longer there is little room to know if the valve is up or down. No printed reminder on the tail of the board to let you know whether the inner valve is disengaged in the “UP” position.

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