Hello and welcome to my site!

My name is Mira, I’m a single mom of 2 most amazing young men and I live in North Pole. Well almost. I was born and raised in former Czechoslovakia. English is my third language and I love life. I work hard and play hard in our beautiful Canadian Rockies.

I have a life long career in television that started as a production assistant in Slovakian State Television – Sports department. After immigrating to Canada in 1985 and learning English I landed a full time job as a production assistant at CBC Sports in Winnipeg. This was despite many people discouraging me and telling me how difficult it would be.  It was difficult, very difficult, I had a strong accent, no Canadian TV experience and weak typing skills using a manual typewriter!
I wanted to quit, many times. Luckily, I had a lot of support from my teachers, friends and amazing co-workers who helped me along the way. And I had strong will to keep following my father’s footsteps and lots of dreams.

Over the years I worked as an Associate director, Graphics Co-ordinator, Broadcast Graphics Artist and Operator and News Video Editor in 3 different stations. I also left TV for 7 years in order to take care of my boys so that I don’t work shifts while they were in elementary school. We all encounter challenges in life and one of mine was going through divorce. My boys were 5 and 7. I had to learn many new life skills but also how to live from single income.

Along the way I realized all you need is to believe in yourself, put your mind to it, don’t panic, and you can make things happen. There is always a way…Be creative and don’t give up!

I like sharing and helping people to get more bang for their buck.  My passion is many things but traveling and adventure is something I look forward to each and every time. I’ve traveled solo lots but last 3 trips I finally ventured off to Australia, Fiji and Hawaiian islands with a friend. It’s more fun and less expensive.

I hope my site will not only inspire you but also help you to get to your destination.